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What Other Float Owners Are Saying...
" Facebook Ads for Float Centers keeps our pods full and clients happy. Since starting their service, month one resulted in 91 new clients and only $399 ad spend. Higher priced, float illiterate, local marketing companies couldn't come close. "

Ronnie Tichenor 

Temple Float Spa
Palm Harbor, Florida
" Working with Justin who understands and believes in the float industry has resulted in an immediate increase in sales and social media engagement. It's reassuring to work with someone who believes in the industry as much as he does."

Nikki Ruesch & Derrick Shepard

Reset Mind & Body
San Diego, California
" Facebook Ads for Float Centers has helped me grow rapidly while I focus on client experience. We received 74 new leads the first month with a 57% booking rate. Justin has gone above and beyond to help me grow my business and I am forever grateful! "

Casey Campbell

Midwest Float
Topeka, Kansas
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